Chris & Kristan Hendrix

Missionaries to Italy

Chris was born and raised in Houston. He was blessed to have a family that attended church growing up, but didn’t recognize the culmination of his sin, God’s wrath towards his sin, his need for a Savior, and the Lordship of Jesus until he was 8 years old. At this point, Chris repented and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. God brought people who taught him the Bible through his adolescent years, but there were areas in his life that he still pursued after his own desires. These were revealed clearly once he started attending the College of Biblical Studies in Houston.


Through the next few years, God’s mercy and discipline was evident in his life, as He drew Chris to seek him and to kill sin in his life. After these years, he met Kristan, and they married in 2009. Right after this, he completed his Bachelor’s at the College of Biblical Studies and then went to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where he received his M.Div. Through these years, the Lord put men who loved the Lord in his life for discipleship and gave Chris opportunities to serve the church in various capacities, from youth ministry, to filling the pulpit, to being a Deacon in the church. It was at this time his love for the local church grew!


Kristan was born in Malta, and came to America with her family at a young age. She spent the majority of her life in Houston. She did not grow up in a Christian home, it wasn’t until she was in middle school that her family first started attending church because of a neighbor who invited them to attend one Sunday. When she was in high school, Kristan became more interested in Christianity and gave her life to the Lord, however it wasn’t until she was engaged in one on one discipleship did she really understand what it meant to follow the Lord.


The Lord instilled a passion in the Hendrix Family for serving those who find themselves out of their native context and labeled as internationals. This led them to Italy in 2017 to co-plant and co-pastor in Rome for a season. Afterwards, the Lord called them to Italy to co-plant and co-pastor. They arrived in 2019 with the prayer that God would be glorified through the internationals and nationals in the local church that know and worship the triune God in spirit and truth, with minds and hearts shaped by the Scriptures.