General Questions

DTN was founded in March of 2019.

DTN is a Florida non-profit organization, but does not currently utilize a centralized office. However, our employees keep office hours and will be available to you through email or phone call.

Yes. Disciple the Nations is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)3 status.

Disciple the Nations operates within the bounds of two statements of faith – The Baptist Faith & Message (2000) and The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement. DTN and her staff, missionaries, and trip participants will adhere to one of these two statements.


Anyone who agrees with our beliefs and is passionate about serving Christ around the world. Ministry roles have varying requirements that can be discussed during your application process.

Yes! We partner with your sending church to ensure you are cared for and served well.
Yes. As an organization that operates by faith, all DTN missionaries raise the finances necessary for their life and ministry. DTN walks with the candidate through this process to provide the training and support required to find financial partners in ministry.
The answer to this question varies. Factors such as ministry location, family size and needs, and in what type of ministry you will be involved are all considered as we work with you to determine what budget is wise and best fits your situation.
DTN has a strong conviction that the call of the Great Commission is for the whole church to go into the whole world. We hope to help people apply their various skills and giftings to disciple-making ministries of all shapes and sizes. If you have a calling to use your skills and giftings, let’s talk.
DTN is not restricted to any particular country or region. We hope to see missionaries deployed around the world.

giving questions

Great question! DTN strives to operate with integrity, transparency, and accountability. We are members of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability, which ensures all members are committed to the highest standards of financial integrity and Christian ethics. Additionally, we take seriously our responsibility to steward gospel resources well, and aim to do that with all our ministry endeavors. If you have further questions, contact us.

As a full-service missions agency, DTN strives to provide the best care and support for missionaries at the lowest affordable administrative cost. We want to steward gospel resources well, and we do that through a staff and ministry structure where we operate on only a 5% administration fee, ensuring as much of your donation as possible gets to the front lines of the ministry.

Of course! You can donate in these ways to the general fund, or can support DTN’s ministry through one of our programs, or through one of our staff or missionaries’ funds.